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My name is Miki Asahina
I run an icons blog!
I'll gladly make anyone icons for their blog
Please make sure to read the Icon rules before asking me to make them c:

ことぱな | 世咲 [pixiv] 

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    Favorite SNK sceneries ›› 3rd OVA

              krista being a cutie pie

                Yata Misaki- K Missing Kings Pv


                  不愉快です | 小強
                  ※Permission was granted by the artist to upload their works.

                            Dango Daikazoku → F u r u k a w a   A k i o  &  S a n a e

                            "A child’s dream is their parents’ dream! So grant it for us! We’ve been dreaming of the day you would make your dream come true. We didn’t give up our dreams! We changed our dreams to yours! That’s what parents are! That’s what family is!"